• Waterproof DAYlighting TILE FRP Daylighting Tile

Waterproof DAYlighting TILE FRP Daylighting Tile

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Waterproof DAYlighting TILE FRP Daylighting Tile

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Product feature:

01: light transmittance: good light transmittance, in the sun exposure is not easy to produce yellowing, atomization, good light transmittance.

02: impact resistance: PC is a thermoplastic excellent impact resistance, even at high temperature its latent metamorphism is still small, stress relief is also small. Sunlight panels made from PC have impact resistance and can be maintained over a fairly wide temperature range for a long time.

03: sound insulation: sound insulation effect is good, the sound insulation characteristics of the material is determined by hardness, weight and physical structure.

04: heat insulation: PC sunshine board is one of the synthetic resins with small linear expansion coefficient. The linear expansion coefficient of plate is slightly different in different directions.

05: good processability: can be manually cut, at room temperature without heating can be cold bending. Light weight, easy to carry, drilling. Truncation installation, not easy to fracture, simple construction.

06: not easy to condensation: the role of anti-fogging coating is to increase the surface tension, so that the water mist formed on the surface quickly condensed into water droplets and slide along the wall.


Product NameWaterproof DAYlighting TILE FRP Daylighting Tile
Surface TreatmentPVC and color painting
Delivery timeDelivery within 7-15 working days after receiving 40% deposit by T/T or L/C
PaymentBy T/T, L/C
PackingSteel strips package or seaworthy packing
Capacity250,000 tons/year


Application situation:

1. Carport, canopy, greenhouse,

2. Sunroom, daylighting passage,

3. The LED light box,

4. Sound insulation wall of expressway,

5. Bus platform roof, various projects, etc.

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