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Physical performance test: Test, the apparent density, the yellow index proportion, whiteness, swelling ratio, water content, acid value, hardness, plastic coefficient of linear expansion, density, relative density test, the water imbibition, the determination of ash content, light transmittance, haze, Ph value, color, smell, a state, grey card ratings, the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, solubility, viscosity, particle size, melting point, boiling point, freezing point, flash point, Flash point, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, magnetic properties, elastic modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion, specific heat capacity, thermal stability, volatility, adsorption, sound insulation, etc.

Chemical performance test: flammability, instability, oxidation, combustibility, reduction, complexation, thermal stability, corrosion, gold properties, non-metallic properties, etc.; Acid resistance, alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, swelling, etc.;

Applicable performance testing: thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, hydraulic resistance, insulation performance, moisture permeability, food safety and health performance, drug safety and health performance and so on;

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