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Quality Inspection process: prepare for inspection, organize sampling, sample warehousing, inspection, issue inspection report, receive report, return sample.

Caigang tile is a kind of environmental protection, low cost of new building materials, with the development of various aspects, Caigang tile has gradually begun to be recognized by all walks of life. Color steel tile usually used in the national standards and industry standards have the following:

1. GB/T 12755-91 construction type color steel tile;

2. GB 6723-86 universal cold bending open-mouth color steel tile size, shape, weight and allowable deviation;

3. GB 50018-2002 Technical specification for cold-formed thin-walled colored steel tile;

4. GB 50205-2001 Code for acceptance of construction quality of color steel tile structure;

5. Jc868-2000: "Metal face rigid polyurethane sandwich board" polyurethane sandwich board executive standard;

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