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Product material certificate

Product material certificate


Combustion performance test: vertical combustion temperature, oxygen index, horizontal flame, lit, effective calorific value, burning rate, alcohol burner combustion, smoke density, total smoke release quantity, burning grades, dripping ranks, smoke, smoke toxicity experiment, spray fire experiment B1 level limit, building materials, refractory, fire prevention, combustion experiment, car inner decoration combustion experiment, rubber, plastic combustion, etc.

Thermal performance test: Heat distortion temperature and glass transition temperature and vicat softening point, pyrolysis temperature, melt temperature, thermal conductivity, brittleness temperature, flame retardant, UL94 flame retardant, fire rating test temperature, hot air aging, hot and cold cycle test, impact test, light aging, life prediction, the linear expansion coefficient, dimensional stability, shrinkage, high temperature resistance test, the bouquet, atomization, volatile oil VOC, insulation rate (clothing), oxygen index, ignition point, heating reduction, maximum operating temperature, specific heat capacity, smoke density, etc.

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