• PC Wave Roof Skylight Transparent Light Panel

PC Wave Roof Skylight Transparent Light Panel

Uses: large workshop, greenhouse, farm, swimming pool, parking lot, livestock farm, brick factory chemical plant, steel factory and other roof.

PC Wave Roof Skylight Transparent Light Panel

PC flame retardant tile


1 transmittance can reach 88%, PC endurance plate in the sun exposure, not easy to yellow, atomization, transmittance drop;

2 light weight, PC plastic density is 1.2g /M2, weight is only half of glass, convenient construction;

3. Heat insulation, fire retardant and flame retardant, according to the national standard GB8624 test, belongs to refractory B class, no dripping, no toxic gas, flame retardant grade is higher than acrylic sheet;

4. Impact resistance, impact resistance is 200 times of ordinary glass with the same thickness, 30 times of plexiglass, impact resistance is 20-30 times of acrylic sheet, installation, transportation process is not easy to damage;

● Heat insulation and hit resistance, low heat transfer coefficient, good heat insulation effect, and in the temperature range of -40°C to + 120°C, no significant change in physical properties;

6. Strong weather resistance, UV resistant co-extrusion layer on the surface, can prevent the aging of the plate caused by ultraviolet light, adapt to all kinds of bad weather environment, (can be customized double-sided UV);

7. Sound insulation and noise reduction, can effectively reduce noise, widely used in the field of sound barrier.


Product NamePC Wave Roof Skylight Transparent Light Panel
SurfaceUV protection
TechniqueHot rolled or cold rolled.
ColorClear, Blue, Opal ,Green, Bronze or Customized.
Delivery timeDelivery within 7-15 working days after receiving 40% deposit by T/T or L/C
PaymentBy T/T, L/C
PackingSteel strips package or seaworthy packing
Capacity250,000 tons/year


1. Large workshop roof

2. Greenhouse, farm roof

3. Swimming pool, parking lot, livestock farm roof

4. Roofing of brick factory, chemical factory, steel factory, etc.

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