The importance of unity and cooperation


1. Team cooperation is conducive to improving the overall efficiency of the enterprise. By carrying forward the spirit of teamwork and strengthening the construction of teamwork, internal friction can be further saved. If time is always spent on how to define responsibilities, who should be called to deal with, let customers, employees around, this will weaken the affinity of enterprise members, damage the cohesion of the enterprise.

2. Teamwork is conducive to the realization of corporate goals. The realization of the enterprise goal requires the efforts of every employee. A team with the spirit of teamwork respects the personality of its members, attaches importance to their different ideas, stimulates the potential of employees, and truly enables every member to participate in the team work, share risks, share benefits, cooperate with each other, and accomplish the team work goal.

3. Teamwork is a great driving force for enterprise innovation. Man is the only resource with agency among all kinds of resources. The development of an enterprise must allocate people, money and materials reasonably, and mobilizing people's enthusiasm and creativity is the core of resource allocation. Team cooperation is to mobilize people's wisdom, strength, experience and other resources reasonably, so as to produce the maximum scale efficiency, which can be expressed in the formula of economics as: 1+1& GT; 2 model.

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